Two-for-One Pizza Deal

It’s almost the weekend, and you’re wondering what’s for dinner. After a long week of work, it can be hard to muster the energy to cook dinner for yourself and your family.

What if there was an easy solution, where you could serve dinner at home but not have to cook it?

Look no further. Romeo’s has all the best pizza deals in Victoria, BC, and there’s a fantastic two-for-one deal to get you started! Keep reading to make your pizza dinner dreams come true.

Best Two-for-One Deal for Authentic Pizza

If you’re looking for a meal that will keep the whole family happy, Romeo’s has the best family-friendly Victoria food you can find! And there’s a two-for-one deal that will meet all your hunger needs.

This two-for-one special is only available for takeout, so it is the perfect solution for after work or school. Plus, you have the option of including a pasta dish instead of a pizza in your meal deal. Doesn’t a pepperoni pizza and a lasagna sound wonderful right now?


What Makes Pizza Truly Authentic?

Every true pizza chef has a secret recipe that makes their pizza and sauces the best you’ve ever tasted.

The pizza at Romeo’s in Victoria, BC is no exception. The tomato sauce is freshly made and packed with all the right spices and flavors.


Our Chefs’ Favorites for the Two-for-One Deal

Romeo’s chefs put love and care into every pizza they pull out of the oven. Try out some of the Premium pizza combinations that will bring your dinner to the next level.

If you tend to go for a Meat Lovers’, try out Romeo’s Special and the Zesty Italian pizzas. If veggies and chicken are more your style, try pairing the Mediterranean and the Pesto Pollo.


Best Occasions for a Two-for-One Deal

If you don’t have a big family to feed at home, you can always take on eating two pizzas on your own. If that’s not your style, there are also other occasions where two pizzas would be just enough.

For those who don’t like to share on date nights, a pizza per person would keep everyone happy and would make for a great date. Impress your partner by coming prepared with pizzas for a garden picnic or romantic sunset!


How to Complete Your Two-for-One Deal?

Your date night or family dinner wouldn’t be complete without all the drinks and fixings that make for a full meal.

Your pizza deserves a perfect wine pairing to round out the meal. If you go crazy for a Veggie Pesto pizza, try a nice Prosecco to go with it. Or if the Spinach Special pizza is more your style, a Sauvignon Blanc would be a perfect partner.

Read more recommendations for wine pairings to make sure you have the best flavour profile for your pizza preferences.


Where to Order Your Two-for-One Deal?

Another Romeo’s pizza deal in Victoria, BC includes an additional 10 percent off when you pick up your order at any Romeo’s location. If that isn’t one of the best pizza deals you’ve ever seen, I’m not sure what would make the cut.

Feed your family, your dates, or just yourself with the best pizza in Victoria, BC by ordering as soon as possible. You’ll feel more than satisfied, and if two pizzas aren’t enough, you can always order two more!