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Italian antipasti wine snacks set

Italian food is a heart-warming experience and a favourite for most people all around the world. Be it the tempting lasagnas or carbonara or pizzas, we have a lot to thank Italy for. Food has a journey of its own in which it travels through cultures, experiencing variations and magic. Although we usually get the taste of Italy from Italian restaurants, what if all that we know about Italian food is not entirely true?

Here are the top 4 hand-picked facts about Italian food that you wouldn't have guessed!

1. Italian wedding soup has nothing to do with weddings

Don't mean to ruin your culinary fantasies but the Italian wedding soup is not a traditional soup for Italian weddings. The misunderstanding started with the mistranslation of the Italian name of the dish “minestra maritata” that refers to the delicious marriage of vegetables to meat and not the marriage between people. The origin of the dish is still questionable; it is believed to have sprouted from the association of both Italian and American cuisines.

2. Spaghetti and meatballs are not very Italian

One of the most popular and loved "Italian" dishes, spaghetti with meatballs, is not an authentic Italian dish but an American one. Italians usually don't prefer pasta dishes to be topped with meat as it is reserved for dishes cooked "al forno" (baked in the oven). Chicken isn't a variety of meat that is enjoyed by Italians and isn't found in many dishes in Italy.

3. Salad revelations

Salad is not an appetizer in Italy, even though it is popular in most parts of Europe. Traditionally, Italians prefer to eat salad after the main course because it helps with better digestion. Instead of a fancy vinaigrette, Italians prefer simplicity. They love extra virgin olive oil and vinegar dressings. If you want to dine with an Italian, make sure the salad arrives at the end.

Fun fact: The well-known Ceaser salad isn't technically Italian. Even though it was created by an Italian restaurant owner in the 1920s, he was residing in Tijuana, Mexico at the time. Ceaser salad is a wholesome combination of romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons and raw egg yolk.

4. Peperoni is a vegetarian option

Did you know the word peperoni, with a single "p", means bell pepper in Italian. If you ask for a pepperoni pizza in Italy, don't be surprised if you receive something more on the vegetarian side than you were expecting. The sausage "pepperoni", a variety of salami sausage, made of beef and pork is said to have been invented in America. If you are visiting an Italian pizzeria, beware of the peperoni and cross-check to confirm if you want sausage roundels in your pizza.

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