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Italian cuisine is very popular across the world, being renowned for its simplicity and use of high quality ingredients. Tomato sauce is one of the classics of Italian food and is used to make meatballs, pastas, spaghetti, pizzas and more. At Romeo’s, our signature sauces are made from traditional recipes. You can visit one of our five locations to enjoy our tasty Italian food. Take a look at our lunch and dinner menus. Don’t forget to try our weekday specials.

Different Types of Italian Tomato Sauces


There are several varieties of Italian tomato sauces. We have listed a few below:

· Pomodoro Sauce

 This is a tomato-based sauce made from tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and fresh basil. This is usually served with penne pasta or spaghetti. The sauce may be simmered for 20-30 minutes or more so that it thickens and develops a darker colour. As finely diced tomatoes are used to make this sauce, it has a smooth consistency.

· Marinara Sauce

 This is a simple tomato sauce consisting of very few ingredients: tomatoes, aromatics (such as onions or garlic) and some seasonings. It can be used to make pasta or can be served as a dipping sauce. It is chunky and has a slightly runny consistency. Marinara is simmered for a shorter period of time and is usually bright red or orange in colour.

· Puttanesca Sauce

 This tomato sauce is tangy, salty and spicy. It contains several ingredients such as chopped chillies, capers, olives, diced tomatoes and spices (oregano, salt and black pepper). This sauce was traditionally served with spaghetti. You can also pair it with penne, linguine and bucatini.

· Amatriciana Sauce

 This is a traditional Italian pasta sauce which is made using guanciale, pecorino and tomato. Some of the variations include onion, garlic, chili and black pepper in the recipe.


No matter which sauce you are making, never remove the seeds from the tomatoes as they add a great flavour profile to your sauce. Avoid using canned tomatoes to make your sauce, use only fresh produce. Be careful not to overcook your sauce.

Romeo’s has been serving clients in Victoria since 1974. Our menu also includes several popular local dishes such as steaks, chicken & veal and burgers & salads. We also provide catering services for both small and big events.


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