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Pizza and Beer: A Pairing Guide for This Deliciously Dynamic Duo

You can't deny that pizza and beer are a match made in culinary heaven.

This combo has been satisfying taste buds for decades. Whether you're enjoying a night in with friends, catching a game, or more, the perfect pizza and beer pairing can rock your world.

Are you eager to become a pizza and beer expert? Read on to explore the art of pairing pizza with different beer brands, considering toppings, crust, sauce, and more.

A table setting with a vegetarian pizza, two glasses of beer, a bowl of dipping sauces, and fresh mushrooms.

Pizza and Beer Paring Principles

Before diving into specific combinations, it's essential to understand the basic principles of pairing pizza and beer. Balance is key.

The flavours and characteristics of your chosen beer should complement, contrast, or enhance those of your pizza. Here's a simple breakdown:


Seek harmony by matching similar flavours. For instance, a rich, malty beer complements a meaty pizza with its hearty flavours.


Create excitement by contrasting flavours. A hoppy and bitter beer can cut through the richness of a cheesy pizza, refreshing your palate.


Elevate your pizza experience by enhancing certain flavours. A fruity beer can accentuate the sweetness of barbecue sauce or pineapple toppings.

Pizza Toppings

The pizza toppings you choose are essential when it comes to pairing with beer. Here are some classic combinations:

Pepperoni Pizza

The bold, spicy notes of pepperoni pair wonderfully with a hoppy IPA. The beer's bitterness balances the savoury flavours.

Hawaiian Pizza

The sweet and savoury mix of ham and pineapple calls for a wheat beer. Its fruity undertones complement the tropical flavours.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

A smoky barbecue pizza pairs best with a brown ale. The caramel and toasty flavours of the beer match the barbecue sauce.

Pizza Crust

The type of crust you prefer can also influence your pizza and beer pairing choices. Here's how:

Thin-Crust Pizza

A light, crisp beer like a pilsner or a lager complements the delicate nature of a thin-crust pizza. The beer won't overpower the crust's texture.

Thick-Crust Pizza

Opt for a malty amber ale or a stout to stand up to the heartiness of a thick crust. The beer's body and sweetness will complement the doughy base.

Pizza Sauce

Pizza sauce can range from tangy and tomato-forward to rich and creamy. Consider your sauce when selecting the perfect beer:

Tomato-Based Sauce

A classic combination, pair tomato sauce with a pale ale or a red ale. The beer's maltiness complements the acidity of the tomatoes.

Pesto Sauce

The herbaceous flavours of pesto sauce pair well with a saison or a farmhouse ale. These beers often have peppery and fruity notes that complement the basil and pine nuts.

Are You Craving Pizza and Beer Now?

Pizza and beer are a beloved culinary pairing. Understanding the art of pizza and beer pairing can enhance your dining experience. Consider the flavours of your pizza toppings, crust, and sauce when selecting the perfect beer brand to accompany your favourite take-out food.

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