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Pizza: Where It Got Its Name and a Brief History

Did you know that Hawaiian pizza was actually invented in Canada? Better yet, it was created by someone from Greece! What's in a name anyway?

Most pizza, however, did not originate in Canada. It has its roots in Italy, but where did it really come from? How did it turn into what you can get at your local pizza shop?

Let's talk about it. Read on to learn all about how pizza got its name and a brief history of this tasty meal before you order your next pizza in Victoria.

Where Did Pizza Get Its Name?

There are several potential sources of the word "pizza." Many people think that it comes from the word "pita" or "pitta," which means "pie."

You may recognize "pita" from "pita bread," which does somewhat resemble a pizza crust! You can definitely make an at-home pizza with a base of pita bread, so that makes sense.

It may also come from the Langobardic word "bizzo." This word means "bite."

It first entered the Italian-English dictionary in 1598, and it was defined as "a small cake or wafer." This doesn't sound much like the pizza we have today, right?

A Brief History of Pizza

Pizza itself could stem from many cultures. The idea of putting toppings on a bread base is common. Every culture has some form of this.

The "original" Italian pizza that's similar to what we can get from our favourite pizza shops today may have come from a baker named Raffaele Esposito in 1889. He made a traditional pizza for Queen Margherita and King Umberto when they were in Naples.

This pizza came to be known as the "Margherita pizza," and you can still find it on many menus today.

Most pizza, however, is actually not based in Italy at all. It was made by Italian immigrants who brought over aspects of their traditional foods and changed them when they got to America.

In 1905, the popular pizza chain Lombardi's opened in New York, and this tasty meal was a hit in the United States.

Modern-day pizza resembles the original pizza from Italy, but it's far more decadent. You'll notice that a basic Margherita pizza is fairly basic (though still tasty). Pizzas piled high with toppings that are so common in North America are almost a different meal entirely.

What About Different Types of Pizza?

Not all pizza is alike, so where did other "forms" of pizza originate?

Chicago-style or deep-dish pizza is more like a casserole. As the name implies, it originated in Chicago. A man named Ike Sewell claims to have invented it, but new evidence suggests that it may have actually been Alice Mae Redmond, a Chicago cook.

Stromboli, a type of rolled pizza dish, sounds like it comes right from Italy, but it likely comes from the Philadelphia area.

Calzones, similar to strombolis, do come right from Italy. The name means "stocking," which makes sense when you see this little stuffed "stocking" of dough.

Time to Order Pizza in Victoria

Has all of this pizza talk made you hungry? It's time to order a pizza in Victoria!

At Romeo's, we take pride in our authentic and high-quality pizzas. Place an order for delivery or takeout today, and let us take care of dinner for you.


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